How to share a video with a GoTeam member

If you need to share a video with a team member to either collaborate or copy please follow the steps below.


#1 Select the video you'd like to share from the "Your Videos" page


#2 Once you're on the video page, scroll down below the video maker until you see the "+" icon, next to your character's image. Click the "+" button to open up the collaboration window.


#3 Enter the email address of the GoTeam member you would like to share your video with. In the dropdown menu select (Can edit Producer). Make sure the email address is the one that is associated with your colleague's GoAnimate account. You also have the option to add a message - then hit SEND.


#4 The GoTeam member you've shared with will receive an email from you stating that you would like to collaborate on a video with a link to start collaborating:


#5 Clicking the link in the video will bring you to the video page on GoAnimate. From here you can either edit the video or copy the video into your account. Editing the shared video will create changes to the shared video file, copying the video will create your own version of the video.

You can also access the shared video by going to the Your Videos page, then click "Shared with You" in the menu on the right, this will pull up a list of all the videos that are shared with you.




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