New and Improved Text-to-Speech Languages and Voices

In early March, 2017 the text-to-speech function on GoAnimate will be upgraded in the following ways:

New Languages and Voices
After the upgrade, there will be a total of 58 distinct languages and language/dialects to choose from. Where new languages are introduced, new voices will be added, as well.


Improved Voices
GoAnimate licenses text-to-speech services from two sources. As part of the upgrade, we are adopting newer technology provided by one of the sources which will improve the quality of the voices they provide.


How Will This Impact GoAnimate Subscribers?
Aside from having more options and higher-quality voices, there will be no impact, except when editing a video that was created prior to the upgrade with a voice that is improved during the upgrade. In side-by-side comparisons between the older voices and the newly-improved ones, you will likely notice a small, and positive, difference. For example, if you have a video with a character that uses the Australian English voice, "Nicole," and you make changes to the dialog after the upgrade, you may notice a slight improvement in the quality of Nicole's voice for any change made after the upgrade. All pre-upgrade voice overs will remain unaffected, as they were recorded using the older voices.





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