Technical Difficulties - Lip-sync features not working properly

UPDATE: 4/7/17 @ 11:00 am Eastern - The problem has been identified as a software bug that was introduced in a recent update. As of this morning, we believe all instances of the problem have been corrected. If you encounter this issue, please contact us at


UPDATE: 4/6/17 @ 3:00 pm Eastern - The scope of the problem appears to be broader than originally thought, and may impact other audio streams as well. Ongoing research is underway.


Date: 4/6/2017

Description: Lip-sync is not working correctly when dialogue is applied to characters. The functionality works partially for some scenes then cuts out as the video progresses.

Scope: All customers

Workaround: There is no current workaround, but we are working quickly on a fix for this issue.

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