Audio Fading Not Working After Split Or Shortening

UPDATE: 7/13/17 @ 11:00 am Pacific - The playback problem has been identified & resolved. As of this afternoon, we believe all instances of the problem have been corrected. If you encounter this issue, please contact us at 


Date: 7/10/17

Description: The Audio Fading feature is not working on music tracks that have been split or shortened.


Scope: We are still researching, but the problem appears to occur on all split or shortened music tracks in every case.



Option 1: Use a track that is about as long as the scene(s) to which it is applied.

Option 2: Adjust the scene duration to fit the track’s length.

The audio fade will be noticeable towards the end of the track depending on the settings chosen.


Solution: The issue has been resolved as of 11am Pacific Time 7/13/17.


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