How do I keep my videos private?

There are three privacy settings in GoAnimate, as described below.

Complete Privacy (Draft Mode)

When your video is in Draft Mode, nobody can see or find the it, except you, and only when you are logged into GoAnimate.  This includes online search engines. 


Restricted Access (Private Mode)

In Private Mode, the only people who can see it are those who have a link to the video.  Only you can share the link.  No search engines can find your video in this mode.


Unrestricted Access (Public Mode)

In Public Mode, your video is discoverable by anyone, including search engines.


Additional Detail
Videos created with GoAnimate are automatically hosted by us. The hosted copy can be easily shared/published to blogs, Learning Management Systems, authoring tools, or social media. This type of sharing is very light - it involves only sharing a link, or copy/paste embed codes. You can  also download the video as an MP4 file.

1) Upon saving/publishing your video, there is an option to save as "public" or "private". By selecting "private", your video will only be discoverable by those with whom you share the link. Random site visitors exploring our site will never see your video. It will also be invisible to search engines.

1A) If somehow a link "escapes" -- for instance, someone you sent your private link accidentally sends an email to their similarly-named friend instead of you -- there is a quick fix. Open the existing video. Copy it.  Save the new video as "Private". Delete the old video. All previously distributed links will now return a blank page. But your information will be secure. Only those with the new link will be able to access the video.

2) Some people prefer an even deeper level of security.  First, complete the video. Download the video as an MP4 file.* Archive this MP4 on your own internal servers. Then delete the original version from GoAnimate. This option offers the highest level of security, but there is a degree of inconvenience. Since the video has been deleted on GoAnimate, it can never be re-edited. Even subsequent small changes will require it to be rebuilt from scratch.

* Downloading is only available with a paid subscription.

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