Can I use GoAnimate assets in materials other than my videos?

GoAnimate Copyrighted Material:

GoAnimate retains all rights to the individual components (characters, backgrounds, props, or any asset that we created) of the GoAnimate platform, and to the platform itself.  Therefore, using our images on materials outside of the site (such as a book, comic, videogame, coffee mug, t-shirt, etc.) is violating our copyright.  

GoAnimate considers requests to use elements of our platform in other projects on a case-by-case basis. The majority of cases are rejected as most are projects that have nothing to do with our core business. Approved projects have set limits about usage and defined commercial terms when applicable by way of a mutually agreed upon contract. If the project is a for-profit venture, then our contract will contain some kind of revenue share.  If the project is something that would be distributed for free, the contract will say so. 

If you are thinking of using our assets in a side project, please contact us first at

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