Overlapping audio clips

Date:  3/18/16

Description: Audio files that are attached to a scene can sometimes overlap in the Timeline and prevent users from editing the audio or scenes in a video.

When trying to edit or remove overlapping audio clips you may see the error message shown below:

Scope: All users, when audio clips overlap in the timeline

Workaround: We've had some customers use the following alternatives to resolve this issue: 

ALTERNATIVE 1: "Save and close" your video, and try re-opening the video

ALTERNATIVE 2: Create a copy of the video

ALTERNATIVE 3: Save the video as a starter. Create a new video, add the starter, and re-attach the audio 

ALTERNATIVE 4: Use an older version of the video from the "Revision History (Note: Since you are using an older version, the video may not reflect the most up-to-date changes)

Solution: We are aware of the issue and working on a fix, with no estimated resolution date at this time.

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