Why are some Text-To-Speech voices no longer available?

The text-to-speech voices listed below are no longer available as a result of the license expiring. The voices will not be returning to either GoAnimate or GoAnimate for Schools.

We suggest replacing any older videos with the expired text-to-speech voice styles with one of the available voices in the platform. 


Dallas Male    
David Male    
Diesel Male    
Duncan Male    
Evil genius Male    
French-fry Male    
Kidaroo Male    
Lawrence Male    
Professor Male    
Scary Voice Male    
Wiseguy Male    
Young Guy Male    
Zack Male    
Belle Female    
Callie Female    
Kalya Female    
Millie Female    
Princess Female    
Shy Girl Female    
Tween-Girl Female    
Vixen Female    
Allison Female    
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