Video Player and Converter FAQ

1) Why is the option to switch from one player to the other no longer available?

The old player is being retired as part of the transition from Flash to HTML5. All videos will open in the new player unless they contain an element that is only compatible with the old player. The new player offers faster previewing and smaller downloads. To help ensure that everyone is benefiting from these improvements, the option to use the Legacy Player has been removed.


2) Where is the banner that identifies which player is being used?

The banner has been removed because the system automatically selects the correct player. If all the elements of your video are compatible with HTML5, the site will use the new player. If not, the site will use the Legacy player.


3) Why is the size of my downloaded video smaller than before?

A video downloaded with the new player will be smaller than the exact same video downloaded with the old player. This is be design, and is a new feature of the HTML5 video player.



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